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Hi, I’m Howard. I host The Anti-Broadcast every Wednesdays at 9PM IST and used to write movie reviews for the station, Eclectic Vibrations Radio, until the review section was discontinued. I enjoy watching at least one movie or TV episode a day and always like to share the good news when I find a good one.

Here on Howy’s Review I hope you gain your trust as a reviewer who hasn’t got a stick or his own head stuck up you-know-where, like so many reviewers do. A cobwebbed and pretentious reviewer could rob you of a decent viewing experience (at best) or an incredible experience (at worst). I will, however, not fail to warn you of trainwrecks.

I will also review products, brands, and stores. I’m not a materialistic person and try to stick to a minimalist lifestyle as much as possible – however, I’m not one to deny myself the luxuries and powerful tools of this life. I would like to help you all make the right purchasing decisions to curb your spending as well as avoid the terrible decisions that ultimately cost you more.

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