Still airing (as of this posting) on Channel 4 and 4oD (available in Britain and Ireland).

Sean Bean’s “A Game of Thrones” character stars in this over the top British comedy as the spirit guide to one of four waster friends in a small English town.

The 6-part series follows 4 twenty-somethings as they spend their spare time getting wasted and confronting their inadequacies as aimless degenerates. Each character is rich, generally avoiding easy stereotypes. It’s a lighthearted and honest look at the aimless amoung their generation with many moments of hilarity and strangeness. If my recommendation isn’t good enough for you, consider the quality of writing necessary to draw Sean Bean into the fold as an occasional spirit guide appearing only to Morpheus – an overweight, insecure, goofball, with a crush on one of his oblivious friends.