StartUp was released simultaneously on the 6th of September on the Crackle video network.

Starring the amazing Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins, Lester Nygaard of “Fargo” season 1) as an intimidating and cryptic FBI agent on the take, who’s a joy to watch in the role, StartUp is a surprise from Sony’s Crackle network that can’t be missed.

Based in Miami – one of the best hackers in America struggling to have her cryptocurrency noticed, a father trying to build a better life in Little Haiti, and a desk jockey in finance supported by his heiress girlfriend, make an unlikely alliance to fulfill their American Dream.

The writing is almost flawless, not having to rely on characters doing obviously stupid things to maintain suspense and keep things interesting. Each of them are relatable and complex with well thought-out backstories and development who break expectations while sometimes making choices we’d make ourselves. I can’t praise it enough. During it’s 10-episode first season they’ve managed to take what seems like a simple idea and put roadblock after roadblock in front of our heroes.

The acting is perfect, particularly from Martin Freeman and Edi Gathegi. Freeman has a creepy authority figure vibe that would turn your stomach and Gathegi plays his complex Haitian gang member character well.

The one criticism I have of the show is it’s depiction of hacking. It’s not outrageously fantastical and tacky like Hackers and Hackers 2 were, but it is a little tired. A significant portion of the target audience own and use a computer enough to know that hacking and being in a hacking battle doesn’t involve tapping keys at 1,000 keystrokes a minute. We also know that you can’t transfer bank balances between banks like you’re buying a pack of smokes, and if it were that easy, why not just go right ahead and increase your balance instead of stealing it from the account of somebody who could kill you?

That incredibly small and ultimately meaningless criticism aside, this show is well worth your time and money.